Courageous Gathering Conference-To-Go by Living Wholehearted Mattson

Courageous Gathering Conference-To-Go

An amazing virtual women's conference with 4 empowering keynote sessions and 40 phenomenal breakout speakers.

Courageous Gathering will be available in August 2020. 

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A Conference Like No Other

Join us as we shed our masks and deepen our courage to embrace who God says we are.

In a world full of confusing and destructive messages, it is time to talk about the issues that plague all of us: 

  • Sexuality
  • Identity
  • Shame
  • Abuse
  • Insecurity
  • Comparison
  • Body image
  • Loneliness
  • And more...

This one-of-a-kind women’s gathering will explore what it means to be rooted in grace, to live loved, and to love others well.

Integrating Biblical, clinical and relational wisdom, we'll peel away the masks we try to hide behind and consider how our realities can be transformed as we receive what it means to be loved, known, rooted and courageous

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Quotes from Attendees

I truly believe this conference changed me. It changed my heart and has created a deeper understanding of what God is calling me to be as a woman.  

The beauty of an “all by yourself” conference was the ability to be one-on-one with the speaker…and with the Lord. I could stop the session to think; I could rewind and listen again if I needed to; I could take the time to write notes and not miss what the speaker was saying next. And I never would have absorbed the truths as much if I had heard them all in one day! The gift of being able to watch/hear one session and then soak in it for a day before listening to something else was so wonderful.

This conference was just as good as any of the others out there. But in many ways, it was different. It spoke to the reality of our hearts, our humanity and brought truth and grace with experts from all different fields. I felt the grace of God in each session and was so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible gift. Thank you. 


Can I buy this for myself?

Yes! The $149 fee includes lifetime access to the main session videos and the breakout sessions.

Can I buy this for watching with my small group, church, or organization?

Yes! The $149 fee includes lifetime access to the main session videos. Additional fees for the breakout sessions are determined by your group size:
  • 20 or less: no extra fee 
  • 21-99: $5/per group member
  • 100 or more: $500 flat fee

How does it work if I want to do this with my group?

The group leader will pay for access to the Conference-To-Go. When you gather with your group, you can watch the main session videos from your computer (or connect your computer to a TV or projector).

If you want to do a "virtual" conference, you can gather online with Zoom or Google Meet (or whatever). Then share your screen with your online attendees to watch the videos.

How do I get the breakout sessions?

After you pay for the Conference-To-Go, send us a message through the store chat—use the little purple chat icon in the lower right corner. Please tell us if you are an individual or a group. If you are a group, tell us your group size.

We'll send you a custom coupon code you can then use to download the Breakout Bundle, which contains all of the breakout sessions.

The coupons are good for as many uses as your group size. For example, if you are an individual, the coupon can be used only once. If your group size is 12, the coupon can be used 12 times.

For groups, you (the group leader) can give the coupon codes to your group members. Each of your group members can then visit the store to download the Breakout Bundle.

The Breakout Bundle will be discounted based on the fees mentioned above.

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 1 text file


Start Here!
How to Use the Courageous Gathering Conference-To-Go (PDF)
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How to get the Breakout Bundle audio
Session One: Terra Mattson - I am Loved
Introduction and Worship
26 mins
Speaker and Worship
58 mins
Session Two: Kathy Towne - I am Known
Introduction and Worship
25 mins
Speaker and Worship
(1h 00m 58s)
Session Three: Terra Mattson - I am Rooted
Speaker and Worship
57 mins
Session Four: Katherine Wolf - I am Courageous
Speaker and Worship
(1h 14m 38s)
"Hills and Valleys" (with lyrics)
5 mins
"Hills and Valleys"
5 mins